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I always cringe when I have to dial an 800 number for “customer service” knowing that more often than not, the person I end up talking to is probably going to be apathetic at best. They are “just doing their job” and trying to make it through another day. No disrespect to the hard working customer service agents out there – but it would be so nice if that was the exception rather than the rule – wouldn’t it? Imagine a world where you call for help with your cell phone, electric bill, bank account etc… and every time you call, the person on the other end takes a genuine interest in your situation and then works hard to find a solution that makes sense for you. Instead, we get the “canned” responses that they have to babble out call after call because that is what they are paid to do whether it really helps you or not. Even though, the company “mission” statement and taglines all over their colorful and glossy marketing ads promise the opposite?

Full disclosure – I worked for over ten years in banking, several years in the insurance industry and with each of those jobs – I served some time in the dreaded call centers. I know it is a very hard job. (Although, not harder than being a stay at home mom – just saying – props to all you moms out there!!!) 
I also know, that no matter how hard a job is, just like any challenge in life – it is what you make of it. I love people. I love helping people. That has always been my focus and helping people – TRULY helping them, has always given me the utmost satisfaction and feeling of success in whatever job I perform. 

Amazingly, I was once turned down for a promotion because I was told that I advocated “too much” for my clients and placed that philosophy above the corporate model and policy manual. The policy of course is designed to make as much of a profit as possible and often that means ignoring common sense while executing the “that’s our policy” line to people who really need to hear “let me see what I can do” instead. I took pride with that rejection – knowing that I did what was right even if it meant I wasn’t making the policy makers happy. 

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with making a profit, but I think we all know that these days that often puts service in the back seat and the customer is the one who gets jilted in order to promote the companies bottom line. That’s not cool. 

My personal business model is – and always has been “Do the right thing – always.” In business, if you do this – the money will follow. That’s a fact. You might lose a dollar today but you will earn it back with your reputation ten times over in the end. I enjoyed earning “top seller” awards year after year in my career and have even enjoyed some awards for my kindness to my co-workers! That is a source of great pride for me and validates my “do the right thing” work ethic.

Becoming a realtor has been the best career choice I could have ever imagined. With the lending knowledge I have gained over the years, negotiating skills I learned as a claims adjuster and even some time working in marketing, I have a vast array of skills & experience that help me perform at the highest level for my clients. My sellers have enjoyed seeing their homes sell quickly and for top dollar because of my creative edge and ability to close a deal in their favor. My buyers have enjoyed getting the financing they need through connections I have built with lenders I trust and know will take care of what they need – including making exceptions to help gain them an approval if needed. 

Both my buying and selling clients KNOW that when I represent them, they have my loyalty. I treat their money as if it is coming out of my very own wallet. I like getting a “deal” as much as the next person but I am fearless when it comes to finding ways to put more money in the pocket of my buyers and sellers. 

I have always had a love for people. Choosing to become a Realtor removed the handcuffs. Now I enjoy the full freedom of helping my clients without the stress of “explaining the policy” or “reporting sales numbers” or explaining why I reversed a fee….. Ugh – I DON’T miss that at ALL!!! I boldly go to battle for my clients to make sure they are getting the best side of the deal.

I have a bubbly and cheerful disposition but when it comes to negotiating, the diplomatic yet aggressive negotiator comes out in me. I roll up my sleeves, buckle down and take care of my clients needs as if they were my own. This is what brings return clients my way as well as a steady stream of referral business. I am proud of the reputation I have built and the work ethic that I practice.

If you ask me what makes me feel successful at my career – I can say with confidence, I only feel successful when I have truly helped someone. 

My approach to real estate is simple. Treat others the way I would want to be treated. If you want an agent who genuinely cares about their clients and who will work hard to help them achieve their real estate dreams and goals, I am your agent.

Call or text me at 813.245.2858 or email me at therealestatemccoy@gmail.com today- and rest easy knowing you have found your realtor!

Sold! by Rachel McCoy:

8852 Founders Cir
$411,500 8852 Founders C..., Palmetto 4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms Fairways At Imperial... SOLD!
5818 Broad River Run
$360,000 5818 Broad Rive..., Ellenton 4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms Covered Bridge Estat... SOLD!
3105 22 Ave W
$345,900 3105 22 Avenue , Bradenton 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms Mamie-G Sub SOLD!
1011 44Th St W
$310,000 1011 44Th Stree..., Bradenton 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms Westwego Park SOLD!
1716 63Rd Ave W
$285,000 1716 63Rd Avenu..., Bradenton 5 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms Kilbys SOLD!